If you care in your previous comment you said

EE walking down mid when things don’t go his way

yeah, the game is effectively over when 2 players are out of the equation on canada goose outlet shop your team. the carry has uk canada goose outlet no farm because the Canada Goose online witch doctor canada goose jacket outlet fucked his game up, AND the witch doctor has a lot of farm, but no will to win. Try as you might, you are not going canada goose to win a game like that in canada goose uk black friday 7k+ mmr.EDIT Also, tell me this why should i tryhard and try to win a game which is effectively 4v6? And if by some miracle, I should even win, why canada goose outlet parka should that game ruining witch doctor get +25 canada goose factory outlet mmr coz of my 200 percent effort? Just so he can goose outlet canada ruin canada goose clearance another 2 Canada Goose sale games?Also, its not merely annoyance, in his case uk canada goose atleast. the wd is actively trying his best to keep him from improving as a player. its wasted time, canada goose outlet canada effort, and energy. Its a scenario that will never ever arise in any pro match, doesnt make him learn anything Canada Goose Coats On Sale and cheap canada goose uk is wont to put you on tilt for the next game as well. Why exactly should someone put up with that?I guess you didn read my comment all the way. cheap Canada Goose I never said what he was Canada Goose Parka doing was fine canada goose outlet sale did canada goose outlet black friday I? If I did I didn mean to imply it in any way. But at the end of my comment I said I dont think its fair to clump him with this group of people like the rest of the buy canada goose jacket cheap toxic community who does canada goose outlet store uk it even semi frequently.There canada goose store a point where you realize someones canada goose outlet new york city attitude towards the game and possible outcomes can change in 2 canada goose clearance sale years. I don get how your unicorndesigns.ca snarky Canada Goose Outlet reply helps anyone. All canada goose outlet toronto factory I did was try to clarify the situation.If you care in your previous comment you said, “bsj was safe lane drow and his support took 1 cs for boots. ” When I was talking about your misinformation that is clearly what I was talking canada goose black friday sale about.Again, I am not trying canada goose outlet online uk to change your opinion on the person.Both are giving up, but feeding destroying canada goose coats items Canada Goose Online is significantly worse since it unlikely that anyone on their team can benefit. When a person abandons a losing game that Cheap canada goose not always a bad thing for canada goose outlet uk everyone, it can also be a relief to other canada goose outlet people who also saw a losing game lasting another 20 minutes and are happy someone bit the bullet of an abandon to help get them out of canada goose outlet store the game without having to abandon themselves.More generally, given information about hero composition, uncooperative or stupid teammates which lanes are being buy canada goose jacket canada goose outlet canada goose factory sale jackets lost a pro player official canada goose outlet can have a pretty good idea about what winnable.(And as a mediocre player, I been thankful when players abandon an obviously lost game early on. But obviously circumstances matter, I also been quite annoyed when the game isn actually lost the abandoning player was just pissed about losing their lane so hard.)It’s not about being the most pc. It’s about Riot setting standards for player behavior and kicking out those that don’t meet canada goose outlet online it. Tyler1, IWILLDDOMINATE, incarnation/jensen, all of these guys were banned at one point for what they did in game and out of game, given the opportunity to reform, and came back to play.If I canada goose outlet reviews see my favorite pro player running it down canadian goose jacket mid and not canada goose uk shop getting banned why should I think nothing would happen to me either? Canada Goose Jackets As pros and streamers they should be held to a higher standard as voices for the community and the game, not a lower oneOk, good idea, but let think about it a little more.Let start canada goose outlet nyc with, “what is a pro?”.Dota2, unlike games like League, doesn pay their professional players any salary.They canada goose coats on sale are not under contract with Valve, atleast not until they are attending a tournament.Just who would and who canada goose uk outlet wouldn fall under this new harsher punishment system?Also in general, wouldn it be a bad idea, to have a mixed player pool, half canada goose outlet uk sale of which is punished way harder than the other?How is it fair, that someone canada goose black friday sale else can feed as much, canada goose outlet in usa if not worse and get no punishment, while you do it and get banned for x days.

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