ALAA Urges the New York City Bar Association to Oppose a Constitutional Convention

ALAA President, Deborah Wright, submitted testimony to the New York City Bar Association’s Task Force on the New York State Constitution on Wednesday, urging them to oppose any attempt to open a Constitutional Convention.  “Our current State Constitution is one of the strongest in the nation in terms of protecting New York’s most vulnerable, the constituency which our members serve and defend each and every day,” Wright said.  “Especially given the current Federal assault on many of the values which our State Constitution enshrines: housing, social welfare, and labor rights among them, it is more important than ever that we ensure these protections remain for millions of New Yorkers.  While it may seem that a Constitutional Convention could be an opportunity to expand these rights, given the current balance of forces both in Albany and in Washington, we do not believe that a Constitutional Convention will result in any positive changes either for our members or for the millions of clients we serve.”

Read the Full Testimony Here