ALAA & Community Groups File Opposition to NYPD Body Worn Camera Policy

The Association of Legal Aid Attorneys – UAW Local 2325 and dozens of other community groups under the banner of Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) filed an amicus brief in Floyd et al. v. City of New York to challenge the NYPD’s newly state Body Worn Camera policy.  While the new policy will mandate that police officers wear cameras, the policy gives individual officers broad control over the activation of the cameras and access to footage. In registering the union’s opposition, Deborah Wright, ALAA President, stated, “Our members have fought hard in the courtrooms and the streets for greater oversight to end police brutality and the harassment of our clients. With this new body-worn camera policy we see only superficial changes to existing standard operating procedures of the NYPD that will not protect our clients, like Eric Garner, who was tragically killed by an NYPD officer while on video.  The 1,200 members of our union stand shoulder to shoulder with marginalized communities in New York City to demand the NYPD fully comply with the reforms outlined in Floyd v. New York City for the protection of our clients and communities.”  Read the full press release here and the full text of the amici curiae here.