Brooklyn Neighborhood Office Attorneys Mobilize to Fight Unjust Termination

Over 200 ALAA members from the Brooklyn Neighborhood Office, supported by their union Sisters & Brothers from the two other practices as well as LSSA UAW Local 2320 members from Brooklyn Legal Services, rallied outside the Legal Aid Society at 111 Livingston Street last Friday to protest the unjust termination of an attorney, Sophia, just nine days shy of the completion of her probationary period.  The attorney in question was fired on the same day she was scheduled to have a grievance hearing regarding a recent evaluation, with clear disregard for any due process or respect for the collective bargaining agreement.  Attorneys called on Civil Practice Attorney-in-Charge Adriene Holder to reinstate Sophia immediately and to hold local management accountable for their discriminatory and unjust behavior.  Les Helfman, a union delegate from BNO, said, “In our eighth month of working without a contract, BNO and ALAA members from Brooklyn CP, JRP and CDP, as well as members from other LAS locations and LSNYC responded to the unjustified firing of one of BNO’s probationary attorneys. As a first step in repairing the broken relationship between ALAA members and BNO management, we are demanding the immediate re-instatement of our fired sister.”