Brooklyn Legal Aid Attorneys Walk Out Against ICE-NY Courts Collaboration

BROOKLYN, NY-Hundreds of attorneys employed by the Legal Aid Society and Brooklyn Defender Services walked out today after Legal Aid client, Genaro Rojas-Hernandez was detained by Immigration & Customs Enforcement in Brooklyn Criminal Court in collaboration with Court Officers and the Court Administration.  They marched to the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, demanding that the Office of Court Administration and Chief Judge Janet DiFiore implement a “Sanctuary Court” policy, which would prevent New York Court staff from collaborating with ICE officers or entering Court property.  “Our Union will defend our immigrant clients until the end,” said ALAA President, Deborah Wright.  “Our members in Brooklyn who walked out today did so in protest of discriminatory policies which break up families and restrict our clients’ access to justice.”  The attorneys in Brooklyn and around the city will continue their campaign for greater protections for their clients in the Court system to make New York City into a true sanctuary city.

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