CAMBA Workers to Vote on 1-Day Strike Authorization

After over 6 months of bargaining with CAMBA, our members: attorneys, paralegals, and case aides, have mobilized fiercely to achieve respect from their employer. While CAMBA employees have to go on food stamps in order to take parental leave, Joanne Oplustil, the CEO of CAMBA, rakes in over $400,000 a year. We must end the tale of two CAMBAs.

We have made our presence known on the shop floor, rallied in the streets, marched to the home of the CEO, and called on the support of local politicians. 

Despite all that, CAMBA has still refused to move on *basic* issues like annual salary increases for support staff, parental leave, and affordable health care. Moreover, CAMBA has unacceptably demanded that we bargain in separate years for support staff and attorneys, in an attempt to break the close bonds we have developed.

For these reasons, our members at CAMBA Legal Services will be taking a strike authorization vote on March 15th on whether to authorize a 1 day strike. If the members vote yes, then we are prepared to strike. It is not a decision that we take lightly, but it is a decision we must make for our future and the future of our families