Legal Aid Society (NYC)

ALAA’s Legal Aid Society NYC unit consists of the more than 1000 staff attorneys and the Legal Aid Society in all five boroughs.  Our members include attorneys in the criminal, civil, and juvenile practices serving millions of clients per year.

Who is my local Executive Board representative?

Legal Aid Society (NYC) Chapter Executive Board

Deborah Wright, President

Bret Taylor, Financial Secretary-Treasurer

Beth Hofmeister, Recording Secretary

Thomas F. Bomba, Guide

Diane Akerman, Sergeant-At-Arms

Jason Wu, Trustee

Adan Soltren, Trustee

Ioana Calin, Trustee

Civil Practice 

Kat Meyers, Vice President (Water Street)

Courtney Libon, Vice President (HCLO)

Amber Marshall, Vice President (Bronx)

  • Helen Busby, Alternate Vice President (BNO)
  • Robert Soriano-Hewitt, Alternate Vice President (Bronx)
  • Heidi Cain, Alternate Vice President (Water Street)

Criminal Appeals/PRDU/Special Litigation

Elon Harpaz, Vice President – Water Street

  • Andrea Bible, Alternate Vice President – Water Street

Criminal Defense Practice

Jeremy Fredericksen, Vice President – Brooklyn

Michael Pate, Vice President – Brooklyn

  • Nicole D’Orazio, Alternate Vice President – Brooklyn
  • Sarah Evans-Devita, Alternate Vice President – Brooklyn

Rumzi Araj, Vice President – Bronx

Lia Rodriguez, Vice President – Bronx

  • Madeline Moore, Alternate Vice President – Bronx
  • Joshua Hadas, Alternate Vice President – Bronx

Sean Parmenter, Vice President – Manhattan

Julie Sender, Vice President – Manhattan

  • Takiya Wheeler, Alternate Vice President – Manhattan
  • Sarah Trent, Alternate Vice President – Manhattan
  • Naila Siddiqui, Alternate Vice President – Manhattan

Diego Freire, Vice President – Queens

Maria Martinez, Vice President – Queens

  • Pauloma Martinez, Alternate Vice President – Queens
  • Edwin Novillo, Alternate Vice President – Queens

Gillian Kress, Vice President – Staten Island

Juvenile Rights Practice

Eileen Malunowicz, Vice President – Bronx & Water Street Appeals/Special Lit

  • Heather Squatriglia, Alternate Vice President – Brooklyn & Staten Island

Robin Karasyk, Vice President – Brooklyn & Staten Island

  • Amy Serlin, Alternate Vice President – Brooklyn & Staten Island

Ian Spiridigliozzi, Vice President – Queens & Manhattan

  • Heather Saslovsky, Alternate Vice President – Queens & Manhattan

At-Large Representatives

Frank Witty, Senior Attorney Representative

  • Steve Wasserman, Alternate Senior Attorney Representative
  • Allen S. Popper, Alternate Senior Attorney Representative

Anthony Graniere, Middle Attorney Representative

  • Yissel Cabrera, Alternate Middle Attorney Representative
  • Elizabeth Alcocer, Alternate Middle Attorney Representative

Melissa Friedman, Junior Attorney Representative

  • Israel Appel, Alternate Junior Attorney Representative
  • Jennifer Quijano, Alternate Junior Attorney Representative

Shomari Ward, Attorneys of Color at Legal Aid Representative

Ebette Fortune, Attorneys of Color at Legal Aid Representative

  • Mitchell Esteller, Alternate Attorneys of Color Representative
  • Karen Hamberlin, Alternate Attorneys of Color Representative

Kwesi Dash, Black Attorneys of Legal Aid Representative

  • Nefertiti Ankra, Alternate Black Attorneys of Legal Aid Representative
  • Zamir Ben-Dan, Alternate Black Attorneys of Legal Aid Representative

Rage Kidvai, LGBTQ Representative

Jared Trujillo,  LGBTQ Representative

  • Charles Alvarez, Alternate LGBTQ Representative
  • Danielle King, Alternate LGBTQ Representative

Cynthia Rivera, Affirmative Action Representative

Izel Fortunato, Affirmative Action Representative

  • Antoinette Kirwan, Alternate Affirmative Action Representative
  • Rebecca Chevalier, Alternate Affirmative Action Representative

Rigodis Appling, Part-Time Representative