Email Welcome

The Association of Legal Aid Attorneys has a new email system for use by members of the ALAA.  Your account is not going away.  You will still use it, as before, for correspondence related to your job.  Every member of UAW 2325 will have an account on the new system.  For simplicity, the user name will mirror the system.  If your have account, your new account will be

The new system is going live today.  You should receive an invite to register on it shortly.  That invite will provide you with a  temporary password and a link to the ALAA website.  From there you can log on using your account name and temp password.  The next screen you will see will ask you to select a permanent password.  Once this is accomplished, you will be able to log on at any time to your account.

There are two ways to connect to the new email system.  The first is to use a browser, and go to, the home page for the ALAA’s website.  This page has a login form on the left where you can enter user name and password, then press the login button.  User name, by the way, does not include the “” part of your account.

The second way to connect to the new system is to add a new email account to your cellphone.  See the Appendix below, for the settings you should use on your cellphone.  Before setting up your cellphone, ensure that your permanent password has been set correctly.

Any questions you have about the new system can be emailed to   I welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions.

The Postmaster


Android Phones

Start at Settings –> Accounts –> New Account –> Email.  Now use the table below to complete the settings.

Section Setting Entry
Incoming Email User Name Your full email account, including
Password Your password (not the temporary one)
Incoming Server Type IMAP
IMAP Server Name
Port 143
Security TLS (accept all certificates)
Authentication Method Plain
Outgoing Email SMTP Server
Port 587
Security TLS
Require Sign On Yes
Authentication Method Plain
User Name Your full email account, including
Password Your password (not the temporary one)


Start at Settings –> Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Select Add Account. Select Other from the list of email providers. Now use the table below to complete the settings:

Setting Entry
Name Anything to identify account, e.g. My ALAA
User ID Your full email address, e.g.
Password Your permanent password
Incoming email server
Outgoing email server
User ID Your full email address
Password Your permanent password
Security Type SSL