March 13, 2017


Amalgamated Council and Staff of ALAA/UAW Local 2325

Jared Trujillo, President, JTrujillo (at)

Bret Taylor, Financial Secretary-Treasurer, BJTaylor (at)

Beth Hofmeister, Recording Secretary

Thomas F. Bomba, Guide

Diane Akerman, Sergeant-at-Arms

Gillian Kress, Trustee

Jason Wu, Trustee

Ioana Calin, Trustee

Jeremy Fredericksen, Criminal Practice Vice President

Kat Meyers, Civil Practice Vice President

Robin Karasyk, Juvenile Rights Practice Vice President

Shomari Ward, Attorneys of Color at Legal Aid Representative

Vacant, LGBTQ Caucus Representative

Zamir Ben-Dan, Black Attorneys of Legal Aid Representative

Douglas Morris, Federal Defenders Chapter Chair

Jenna Suppon, Nassau County Legal Aid Society Chapter Chair

Coleen Foley, Orange County Legal Aid Society Chapter Chair

Eric Eingold, Youth Represent Chapter Chair

Alexi Shalom, Organizer & Servicing Representative, AShalom (at)