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But what happened there, when he encountered members of the

After that win I got another win like 2 games after. I honestly just built very smart and played safe. Now I get a win almost every day and carry my brother haha.. They don even move when it obvious you have to get through. They just kind of glance at you and keep browsing. Come on Janice, speed the fuck up.

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Batista says he got one more run left in him and he would

Wrestlemania canada goose uk outlet 35

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(Charlotte moves to RAW after Summerslam and wins the RAW women title and turns heel. Rousey wins the women Elimination Chamber, setting up the bout. Charlotte can play the dastardly heel fantastically. This feud will be built as the two biggest icons in women wrestling going at it. At WM, after a hard back and forth match, Rousey locks Flair in the armbar and wins her first title in WWE)

Triple H vs Batista : Street Fight

(This is what we can wish for. Batista says he got one more run left in him and he would return if he could feud with Triple H. I only see WM 35 as his last chance. Batista returns at the RR and the match is made. Hunter can win at Wrestlemania and the feud can continue into Summerslam, with Batista going over)

Roman canada goose outlet parka Reigns(c) vs Seth Rollins vs canada goose factory outlet Dean Ambrose canada goose outlet nyc canada goose coats on sale : canada goose outlet store uk Universal Championship

(Dean returns after Summerslam and the Shield reforms again. They run RAW for a few months. Roman wins the title around TLC/COC, and Seth wins the Rumble. After RR, Dean snaps and turns on the Shield as he is frustrated of being overlooked while his Shieldmates win everything. Dean beats Seth at EC and gets added to the main event. The Shield Triple Threat is made. They all go at it at WM, and in the end, Dean wins the big one and ends the show holding the Universal Championship, cementing himself as the top heel on RAW).