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If you are a recent hire to Legal Aid, you must first contact the ALAA union office to have your account approved. You can send an email to Bret Taylor, the Union Vice President / Treasurer at with an approval request. Anybody hired prior to 2015 should be pre-approved.

Assuming you are approved, the next step is to enter your Legal Aid user ID in the field below and click on the Submit button. If your email account for Legal Aid is, your user ID is “jjones”. Once you submit your data, the ALAA email system will assign you a temporary password and send it to your Legal Aid mailbox. You will be able to log on to the ALAA email with the temp passsword, but you will be required to select your own permanent password once you are logged on.

If you have any questions about the above proceedure, you can email the admin person at

User ID: